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Voula the Vulva

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Vulva/Body Crafts

Welcome. Enter. Explore.
Bring Goddess Cecilia and Voula the Vulva to
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Voula the Vulva

Created by Goddess Cecilia, Voula was first exposed to the world at a presentation about the clitoris at an Athena's Home Novelties Better Business Workshop. She quickly became her own sensation. She was a labor of love, designed by Goddess Cecilia and sewn by her mother-in-law Judy.

Something of beauty should not and cannot be kept secret.

To know Voula inside and out is to know ourselves.
To know ourselves is empowerment.

Celebrate your unique.

Vulva/Body Crafts

Get back to the origins of it all. Touch is an important facet of the human experience. Touch signifies connection, wanting, playfulness, and love. Crafting can be a playful way to become more comfortable with touch, especially when working with more intimate areas.

The goal of Vulva/Body Crafts is to give people the opportunity to connect with their bodies through their craft creations. Goddess Cecilia and Voula the Vulva guide crafters around anatomy, pleasure, and health. Everyone is encouraged to create a piece that is representative of themselves.

Make Your own Vulva/body crafts!

You can now order your own Vulva/Body Craft Kit!

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Below are images of the variety of Vulva/Body Crafts that have been created.
Each one amazing. Each one as unique as the person who created it.

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Voula has been through Massachusetts, to Rhode Island, to Maine!
In 2015, she has been the backdrop for a presentation of the Vagina Monologues, a prop on the Improv Boston stage for the Sextacular Show, a tool to speak with young women at a conference at Boston Children's Hospital, and a speaking piece about the clitoral network and women's sexual health at a Sex Ed Networking Event and Conference.

In 2016, Voula was featured in a panel entitled "Let's (Actually) Talk About Sex" at Arisia.

host voula the vulva
and goddess cecilia

Voula and Goddess Cecilia are a package deal.
To contact them, please email with information about your event/training.
Fees vary depending on the event/training.