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looking for team members who:

*LOVE Our Products

*LOVE changing lives

*Are Interested in Sexuality, Pleasure, & Education

*Want to have more fun while "working"

*Want to share this opportunity with others

*Are willing to work hard and commit to make their dreams come true

*Are interested in changing the way the direct sales world works

*Want to see more people who look, sound, and move like them to be represented in the sexuality industry

We pride ourselves in working towards better inclusion in the direct sales, sex toy, and sexuality industries!

finding passion in pleasure

When I joined Athena's in 2006, I had no idea how much my life would change...

I've always been in the business of helping people. Though my original goal with my business was to make some extra cash on the side, I noticed that the earnings from one party were sometimes more than my weekly paycheck! Plus, I truly feel like I am changing lives in a profound way.

8 years later, I made the decision to quit my day job to fully work on my Athena's business. I get to be an independent business owner, Team Leader, Company Trainer, and I get to have FUN while doing so! 

But I've also gained self-confidence, have a better understanding of what I find pleasurable, and made amazing life-long friends!

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