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Need more time to explore your pleasures? Want to bring Goddess Cecilia to speak to your class, school, or group?
Get personalized attention to cater to your needs with private consultations and customized workshops.

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consultations at parties

If you're attending an Athena's or Heavenly Goddess Party with Goddess Cecilia, you get a FREE 10+ minute consultation depending on the number of people in attendance.  At this point, we will merely touch the tip of your pleasure exploration.


Private Consultations occur outside of the party setting, either by yourself or with your partner(s). They can be in person, via phone, Skype, or another preferred form of messenger. 
Consultations start at $20 for 15 minute consultations.
Further consultations are billed on a sliding scale.


Bring Goddess Cecilia to your school or event to speak about a variety of topics, including:

  • Pleasure Products For Every Body

  • Pleasure Anatomy

  • Pleasure After Trauma

  • Pleasure is Revolutionary

  • Vulva/Body Crafts

  • Clitoral Pleasure

  • Oral Pleasure

Goddess Cecilia will craft a workshop to suit the needs of your event.

Please contact Goddess Cecilia for her fees as they depend on the type of workshop, location, and amount of time.

Women of Color Sexual Health Network Founders and Members at the National Sex Ed Conference 2015


Goddess Cecilia recognizes that moving through the world as part of a systematically oppressed population can inform the choices people make, the way their brains and bodies work to protect them from continuous harm, and that it can manifest in a variety of different ways often completely individualized to that person.

These daily traumas and the traumas of assault and abuse are taken into consideration. As Goddess Cecilia is not a mental health counselor or medical professional, she will provide referrals and resources for further assistance as she sees necessary.


Confidentiality is of the utmost importance. 

Goddess Cecilia will not disclose confidential information belonging to, or obtained through their affiliation with Goddess Cecilia/Athena's Home Novelties/Heavenly Goddess Spa Parties/Voula the Vulva to any person, including their relatives, friends, and business and professional associates, unless Goddess Cecilia has authorized disclosure. This policy is not intended to prevent disclosure where disclosure is required by law