Why pay full price when you can earn products for FREE???
Hosts earn 10-15% of the Party Sales as FREE Credit!

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Want to party?

*Fill out the Party Request form at the bottom of the page.
When I receive notification of your request, I will contact you within 24-48 hours.
Please refer to my Calendar next to the request form for my open dates.

*Start telling your friends!
Not sure who to invite? Invite EVERYONE! Friends, relatives, your hair stylist, your gym instructor, your coworkers...Everyone!
Statistics show that only 1/3rd of people who are invited actually show up. So, the more people you invite, the more people order, and the more FREE products you earn!

*Pick a Theme!
While it's not necessary, having a fun theme can increase the number of guests



The anticipation

*Personalize the party
If you cannot have an adults only party, you can ALWAYS have a Heavenly Goddess Spa Party! They're open to all ages, so you won't have to worry about finding a babysitter!

*Send out invitations - in the mail or email!
My services include mailing out all the invitations at no cost to you! We can also create a Facebook Event page or Evite! The more ways we send invitations, the more guests attend!

*Keep in contact with you as the party planning process continues.
I will let your guests know about any specials I have going on, and I can help remind your guests about party as well!



party time & after care

*Please have a separate ordering room.
We talk about very personal and private topics! 
I want people to feel comfortable to share what they feel is necessary in a private space.

*ALL Orders will be shipped to You!
Orders are completely confidential, unless you or your guests disclose their order. Individual Orders will be placed in *discrete* brown boxes, in a larger brown box, and will be shipped to the Hostess. 
All shipping is done by UPS. Delivery will take place within 10-14 business days of the party.

*Please notify me if there is anything wrong!
I want you to be happy! This is about YOUR pleasure!
While ALL ORDERS ARE FINAL, we do have a 30 day exchange policy (from date of receipt) for malfunctioning products. All customer concerns will be handled on a case by case basis