Goddess Cecilia & The Traveling Sybian!


We were so stressed about packing the Sybian for the cruise that we didn't get to play with it until we were in Day 2 of the cruise itself! It had arrived safe and sound the Saturday beforehand, and were just too nervous about whether it was getting onto the cruise at all!

During the unboxing process, we had figured out all the necessary pieces, examined all the attachments and read all the instructions that came with it. Like true nerds and geeks - we wanted to get all the information first. Though a stool was part of the package, we decided not to take it along to save on some luggage room.

We were happy to find our luggage outside our cabin door when we arrived on the ship! I immediately opened everything to make sure that the Sybian (and my mermaid fin, which provided some padding inside the luggage!) were perfectly safe. As we proceeded to unpack, we realized a major potential flaw in our thinking. 

There's only ONE power plug in the whole of our inside cabin! And it's not right next to the bed!

Andrew jokingly said that we would need to use the Sybian on the floor, and that it would probably blend in to the other sounds on the boat. But I remained optimistic.

Day 1 on the boat was full of getting acclamated to the ship, schedule and general socializing. No chance to pull the Sybian out for play.


After an early dinner on Day 2, we found ourselves relaxing in our room, trying to decide what to do next. Since we had time to kill, out came the Sybian!

I decided to try the Orb attachment. I prefer external stimulation with toys, and that particular attachment has intrigued me in the past when I've seen the Sybian on display and on the website.

As I cleaned the attachment, Andrew proceeded to set up the Sybian. Then I heard a very pleased, "Oh!" When I peeked out from the bathroom, I see that the power cord was long enough to have the Sybian sit perfectly on the bed, maybe 6 inches from the edge.

Andrew expertly slid on the Orb. As I was undressing, he was testing the controller. He proceeded to slowly turn up the vibration dial. We watched the Sybian Orb vibrate/pulsate slowly, then more rumbly as it increased. He turned it all the way up and it echoed so loudly in our room! I was scared that it would cause concern for our neighbors!

The moment of truth had arrived. The Orb and Andrew stared at me in anticipation. I suddenly realized I was quire intimidated by the whole situation, especially by the Orb. It’s shaped like a large bulbous clitoris on top of a labia-like slope. It seemed obvious where I needed to place my body.

Maybe I was intimidated by the fact that Andrew himself up on the wall behind the bed. A wall that prominently featured a mirror. I knew I would end up catching glimpses of myself and my "O Face."

I straddled the Sybian, adjusted myself on top of the Orb. Andrew had quite the devilish grin on him, and asked if I wanted to try the controller first. I turned it on, and when I had a sense of what the vibration, I handed over the controller.

At first, I didn’t feel much. I had to readjust myself a bit more before I found my sweet spot. He started to turn the vibration dial higher. We went at a relatively slow pace. He told me he would follow my lead in all of this. As the settings increased, the sensations amped up as well.

At some point I realized that Andrew was gently encouraging me, checking in with me, helping me feel more comfortable. Then he said, "We're almost at half."

HALF??? I was shocked! It was already feeling so powerful between my legs, I couldn't believe it wasn't already at the highest speed!

At exactly the half-way mark, I reached orgasm!


The rumble isn't like anything else - and I've used a lot of toys in my day. Most of the time, I test toys on my own before introducing them to our bedroom. I had tried the Sybian the first time at Sex Geek Summer Camp, but this was definitely different.

When we were home from the cruise, Andrew wanted to try it himself. Using the flat top, he tried positioning himself so that he could get the vibrations on his perineum. Without any stimulation to his penis, it felt more interesting than pleasurable it seemed. While I was stimulating him, he could feel the vibrations throughout the length of his penis, but I think the sensation and the position he was sitting in was distracting him from fully giving in. Either way, it was a fun experience and he feels satisfied that he can speak to the sensations of the Sybian from his perspective.

It was fun to use it together! Having him there sharing the experience with me made it seem more intimate and exciting. Doing the testing experience on our cruise adventure together will definitely go down as something we’ll remember for a long time to come.

We definitely hope to play with the Sybian again! Wish us luck!

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