Common Questions about Hosting an Athena's or Heavenly Goddess Party!

How much does it cost to have Goddess Cecilia present at a party?

How many people have to attend?
The more the merrier! But it could be as simple as a 2-person consultation on a weekend!

What are the benefits of being a Host?
You get 10-15% of whatever your guests order in FREE Host Credit! You also get FREE Shipping! You also get to host an ed-taining and memorable evening that your friends will remember for always!

Does it have to be an in-person party?
With technology today, we have so many options! It could be as simple as a catalog party, where you would collect order in confidential a Google Hangouts a Facebook Live a Snapchat party!!! We can make anything work with your needs!

How long does it take to receive the products?
Our warehouse tries to be very quick and thorough! They try to process parties from the weekend first thing Monday morning! That being said, we can only guarantee up to 14 business days - this helps us ensure that there aren't any backordered items in anyone's order.

Do I have to have a party to order?
Absolutely not! Hopefully you know how to get at me! I'm on Facebook, Instagram (GoddessCecilia), Snapchat (GoddessCeciliaV), you can text me, email me....I'm easily a phone call away! 

What questions do you have? Comment below!