No Need to Fear When It Comes to the Rear!

Alright. Have a seat.

Let's talk about anal pleasure.

I know, I know - "Exit only! Nothing is going in there! No! No! NO!"

That's totally fine. If you have zero interest in exploring anal play, then you do not have to explore anal play at all! might have a friend that is anal-curious. You could be the one to make sure they have the right information to have a pleasurable experience.

So, let's get started, shall we?

But Why, Tho?

You might be wondering why even go there? What's the point of anal stimulation? Does it even feel good?

Well, yes, it can certainly feel good. In fact, it never has to be unpleasant at all! The anus is full of nerve endings, we just have to re-associate good feelings to anal stimulation.

For vulva-owners, anal stimulation can intensify all the other sensations that might be happening, and the G-spot can also be stimulated through anal stimulation. For penis-owners, the Prostate Gland can be directly stimulated through anal stimulation, also intensifying other sensations as well as orgasms.

Isn't it dirty tho?

Generally, there isn't just poop chilling inside your rectum waiting for you to go to the bathroom. When you have to go to the bathroom, there's probably already poop in your rectum! Oh, and anal penetration isn't necessarily going to lead you to be a walking pooping machine. That's some weird shaming ideas to make you feel bad for liking to play with your butt.

There may be feces residue on whatever is inserted inside the anus, because...well, because most of our bodies have feces residue and bacteria chilling inside the rectum due to the kind of diet we have.

Anal douching is not required at all. In all honesty, I'm still not a fan of douching in general since it can wash away the good bacteria that your body needs to stay healthy. So, douche with caution if you must, but really you don't have to.

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Go Slower Than You Think You Should

Once upon a time as a child, we were probably totally fine with exploring our bodies and what felt good. Then, someone told us that some parts of our body were "dirty." So, we grew up believing a lot of negative things about those body parts.

This is even more true about the anus.

Because of these negative associations, diving right into anal play might be difficult for some. But here's the don't have to involve anal penetration at all. In fact, I recommend that penetration not even be on the table during your first foray into anal stimulation nor does it ever have to be part of your play! Do what's right for you, boo!

The anus needs time to relax and get comfortable. It needs some TLC before it's ready to open up, if you will.

Start with something simple for the first several times. Massaging the anus with a lubed finger or using a vibrator externally can help the anus (and you) feel more comfortable with the stimulation. Perhaps stimulate other parts of the body while also stimulating the anus. This can help you re-associate pleasurable feelings with a neglected part of the body.

Lubrication is a Must

Generally speaking, the anus does not self-lubricate. It's possible that other bodily fluids might be present, but it's often not enough for a well-lubricated anus.

Silicone-based lubricants are great for anal stimulation with a finger or non-silicone toy since it has the longest lasting power. ***Remember that silicone lube DO NOT play well with silicone toys!***

Water-based, hybrid, or oil-based lubes can also work fine. Just take note of your own body's sensitivities and safe-sex practices. **Remember that oil-based lubes DO NOT play well with condoms!***

"Start Me Up" is the perfect small anal plug!

"Start Me Up" is the perfect small anal plug!

When it Comes to Penetration, Start Small

After several sexy sessions with external anal stimulation, if you want to explore penetration, try inserting a finger or a small anal plug. After several more sexy sessions with a small plug inserted, go ahead and try a slightly larger plug. After several more sexy get the idea!

However, I cannot iterate enough that there doesn't need to be any penetration at all. Whatever the receiver is comfortable with is as far as it should go! 

Pro Tip 1: Any toys that are used anally need to have a flared base! 
Pro Tip 2: If you're going to use a toy anally and plan to use it for other things later, use a condom/barrier method between orifices!

Not to be Anal but (you see what I did there?), Communication is Key

It's overused advice, but it never gets old!

Talk about what interests you and your partners about anal play. Talk about what each person is interested in doing and what they have absolutely no interested in doing. Talk about how to communicate that you want to stop, and remember that sometimes "No" and "Stop" can be used during play and are not useful for when you actually want to stop. 

As I mentioned above, the person receiving the anal stimulation has the ultimate say in what happens to their body. They get to decide whether there's even any anal stimulation at all, whether they want anal penetration, whether they want a toy or a penis. The receiver is really the one in control of the anal situation.

No if's, and's, or but's about it!

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